Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Summer's almost here...

It's getting hot here in Vegas and I'm dreading the heat.  I seem to be going strong with the photo a day project.  Even though there's been lots of partying lately!  So much so I'm broke.  Well here's some shots I thought you might like...

Friday, February 18, 2011

I will be writing....

soon about some stuff and adding some more of the year's shots.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Catching up on 365 2011 A.D.

This is almost the end of the month I might do just body shots so that I will force myself to lose wieght.  What do ya think?  Comment and let me know 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The test of will...

Sometimes your best of friends could really test your patience...even your lover.  Sometimes people get wrapped up in what they are doing and completely forget that you're not an enemy.  I that your fault?  Sometimes.  But mostly it's us all concerned with what we're doing cause we all think we're the most important.  Not true.  No one's important.  We are all just climbing all over each other to get to some proverbial top which none of us will never reach because it doesn't exist.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Terms and Conditions...

This is my busted right hand. No I did not want to fall down an escalator the other night and get all banged up! Of course I mutilated my right hand making it nearly impossible to work. Feeling badly I slunk away after I told my boss I couldn't work the next two days. He didn't ask how I was or if it broken...he just rolled his eyes and lectured me on how I was sick for two days two weeks ago and now I'll be out another two days.(which I found coverage for all)

365 days are in a year and a full time employee works roughly 260 of those days. I was sick/hurt for four of them. That's less than 1% of that 260. And I feel bad! WTF? My boss has been off/sick/or on vacation for more than half the time I've been there! Now I love my boss and we have a great time at long as he's happy. He very generous and quite the comedian. He gets us our lunches and makes sure we get out on time. That's why it upset me that he wasn't nor has he ever been sympathetic to my brokenness or sickness. The whole 1% of the year. (Math done by Kash)

I know most of us work long and hard...but really there's no reason to. There's no prize at the end and there's not even a hug. Whatev's. See your 'just a job' for what it is...just a job. You're replaceable and not worth more to them than the shelack on the floor. Be proud for yourself not for them.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I fortunately grew up around many talented and creative people. My sister with her physical appearance, my brother and his son with their art, my mom and nephew with their writing and I must mention all the art students I studied with and many of my great friends. Some say I'm talented in photo, sculpture, and painting. I can draw but in a very flat almost cubist way. But I'm not one to say I'm good, but I do think I see things differently than some. I see beauty in literally garbage...I go back and imagine what that went through before it ended up in dumpster. I guess that could be a bad or good thing because half the time I feel bad and take the crap home!

My point today is that now in this digital age EVERY ONE'S an artist. Especially when it comes to photography. This digital age of point and shoot automatic SLR cameras that are affordable and easily accessible is killing the real artists out there. Most of the folks that have an SLR don't even know what that means much less what ISO or f-Stops mean. And what about stepping up or down by one or two???

I don't mean to be rude but if you were not trained formally...aka...went to school and paid for it or at least apprenticed you should put the camera down and let the professionals do their thing. I'm not saying don't take snap shots just leave the art to the pro's cause you know, "when the going gets weird...the weird turn pro."

Monday, January 17, 2011

1-17-11 Thomas Patrick Moore Sr

Today is the 6th year anniversary of my brother's death. I received the phone call in the early morning. I was in Arizona visiting my friend Kay. I was on a futon. The room had been sanded and painted brick red. There was a computer and book shelves in the room as well. Apparently my mother had been calling and calling me but I had taken a sleeping pill the night before so I was out.

Finally Kay came in and had her cordless house phone with her. I got on the phone and heard the dreaded news. Groggy and half asleep I yelled 'NO'. I wanted to hang up the phone and go back to sleep but that wasn't an option. Kurt came in and I realized it was real because of the compassion and pain in his eyes. He knew I wasn't OK. My mom put Kay on the job of keeping an eye on me and getting me home. And she did.

We left that evening. Since I am not good at this kind of thing so I started to drink heavily and by the time I got on the plane and sat down everyone knew my brother had died. I was yelping and gagging and I could barely walk. The flight attendant took Kay's word that if she kept the whiskey coming Kay would keep me under control. We flew into Newark airport in Jersey, where I will never go again, picked up the rental truck and headed to Long Beach.

That's when it all became real. When I looked into his son's and mother's eyes I saw nothing. It was as if they were dead too. I stood up straight and took my role as caregiver. Kay helped a lot! All my friends did. TR and Andrea took care of all the details since they are morticians. They buried my father too. People brought food and hugs and cards. Family that had all but disappeared had resurfaced while some stayed hidden. I didn't care. All I could do was look in those boys eyes and think of how they have to grow up without him. They won't learn the things he knew and they won't ever get an explanation or an apology for his short comings.

I think he knew. They say people generally know when they're gonna die. Even the young ones. I know now he's at peace and forgives me for all the harsh words I said over the years and all the times I threw him out, even on Christmas. I know he realizes I was always just trying to protect his kids. That's all I've ever wanted to do.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


A few days have gone by so I thought I would catch everyone up on the picture project. Lemme know what you think!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


is important I think. Not to say other things matter less or even more. Everything matters to people on different levels hence the 'two sides to every story' theory. It's important to know you're sexy and wanted in dirty ways! But it isn't everything. Ice cream when you're sick and a paper and tobacco rolled stick to smoke when you're drunk and have just realized that most people are inherently greedy and mean. That's everything. However, it is nice nice to have your hair pulled followed by a good spank! Hey...people want what they want. Question is what do you want? What do I want? What do we all want?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My new tattoo felt so good...I really needed that pain to help with the illness...and I know Hunter would be proud.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7...

So far the photo thing is doing just I wonder why I can't cut out carbs for 7 days!?! It'd be an easy 10 lbs. Time is now where I have to find something that drives me...defines me...makes me. Then again isn't that limiting myself? I need to go beering. Well none the less here's my picture of the day! 1-7-11.

It's been awhile...

I have accepted my boyfriends challenge of creating an image a day...even sick as shit I am still pushin' forward and I think so far so good. However, your feed back would be helpfull!